The Baldwyn News, a local paper in north Mississippi, publishes “Talk of the Town,” a weekly column by Baldwyn native Clark Richey.

That’s me.

Very simply, in “Talk of the Town,” I seek the drama, humor and poignancy that exists in historic and current goings on in and around my 180+ year-old hometown Baldwyn, and its predecessor Carrollville.

I am hopeful that my efforts here would have pleased both my friend and inspiration Simon “Buddy” Spight and his mentor, Baldwyn author and historian Claude Gentry.  And, of course, I’m hopeful that you enjoy “Talk of the Town.”

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  1. Larry Chapman

    Clark, I have read your columns and enjoyed them greatly since learning of it from Ann (Green) Young. I was sorry to see that you are no longer going to write a monthly column about Baldwyn. You don’t know me so let me give you a little info: I am Dale Gardner’s ( your mother I believe) first cousin. My mother is Mary Alice Gardner who is Mort Gardner’s sister. I grew up in Birmingham, AL but spent many summers with my cousins in and around Baldwyn. I was actually born in Baldwyn in 1943. Enough about history, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your column.

    Larry Chapman
    251-964-8202 Home 251-776-3640 Cell

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