Excuse Me, Which Way to the ‘American Way’?

Who exactly does a global economy benefit?  Have you ever really thought about that?

Sometimes, late at night, I ask myself just why the establishment of an open-border, un-tariffed market exchange with any and every pocket of 3rd world humanity should be part of an American agenda.  The rational answers I come up with are a little bit scary.  Actually, more than a little.

Mouthpieces for the global economy among our own elected officials routinely spout rehearsed platitudes.  They tell us how the free market system and competition is the “American way.”  They tell us that competition is GOOD for our businesses here at home, and just look at the benefits, they say, for the American consumer – low, low prices on the essentials of life, stacked on shelf after shelf in your local Walmart.

Blue Bell Employees - 20 Years Experience -1977We used to make blue jeans in Baldwyn, Mississippi – Levis and Wranglers – in two separate, competing plants, Blue Bell and Lucky Star.  I bet my children don’t even know that.  And somewhere down in central Mississippi, along Highway 45, other Mississippians made toasters, I think.  Maybe it was blenders.  You can still see the fading “Sunbeam” letters on the side of the empty, deteriorating factory down there somewhere.  The establishment of a free market with countries where men, women and children were paid pennies for every dollar an American made took those jobs from Mississippians, pure and simple.

But our citizens, better educated, will move to more highly skilled professions, we’re told.  That’s the future for Americans … if we are to compete in the global economy.  “Compete in the global economy?”  Weren’t we on top of the world economy when we started all this?

Lucky Star (2)As for moving every Little Johnny and Little Jane into more highly skilled positions, I’m enough of a realist to say – out loud – that I know plenty of kids that I do NOT want as my brain surgeon, if the day comes that I need one.  We’re not all exactly alike in skill and ability, and the ridiculous, drum-beat contention to the contrary is going to get people killed sooner or later.  I want doctors and nurses who are the smartest kids out there.  I don’t even know if we are supposed to say “smartest” in America anymore.

global economyIf you want to know the real “why” of things, just follow the money trail.  Who truly benefits (translated: makes more money) from a global economy?  Clearly, massive corporations do, those monstrously-large entities that crave the world’s 6 billion consumers for their cell phones, and cheeseburgers, and garbage pickup, rather than the paltry 300 million available in the United States alone.  CEO’s and board members for these behemoths can write campaign checks, election contributions, for $500,000 as easily as you or I could give $100.  Who do you think the politicians are listening to?

In Sunday school this past week, a mother of two young children got up and delivered an impassioned plea for those in our group to take action.  She said that she believed we needed to stop “Common Core” in Mississippi, and she urged us to take a look at it.  I did, and I saw that Common Core’s stated intent was to prepare children to compete in the global economy.  I didn’t really need to look much further.

Feel free to disagree with me, but I have a strong sense that there is a plot – a determined, insidious national/global plot – whose goal is to drive regular humans, like you and me, into a sad sameness for the sake of greed and control.  Doomsday Prepper TunnelIndividual thought and choice are perpetually under attack these days, and the places where we might draw inner strength or find a protective shield – Christian faith, the family, regional autonomy – are being steadily degraded.

I may not be ready to begin “Doomsday Prepping” just yet, but I do admit that I’ve thought, just a little, about how a series of underground tunnels, constructed beneath Baldwyn, might be a good way to avoid attack by government drones.  Just saying.


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